In Jmeter, What would be syntax of parameters in Body Data section of HTTP Request Sampler, if i am using Rest APIs and taking input from CSV files?

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<p>Thanks for your very interesting post but unfortunately it does not work for me :-(
I have the systematic error returned in Response data :
Unrecognized character escape 'M' (code 77)
 at [Source: HttpInputOverHTTP@3e9d9a3d[c=195,q=0,[0]=null,s=STREAM]; line: 5, column: 26]</p>

<p>I double checked all parameters and my csv file, and it seems good.
I'm using JMeter Version 3.3 r1808647 on a WIN7 PC ...</p>

<p>Any idea ???</p>


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Posted by Christophe B (1)

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