Problem on copy/paste between macOS sierra host and Ubuntu guest using VirtualBox

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<p>I have a similar problem.
Ubuntu 16.04 guest. macOS Sierra v 10.12.6 as host.
I set drag&amp;drop and clipboard both to bidirectional but:</p>

<li>I can drag&amp;drop from guest to host</li>
<li>I can copy&amp;paste from host to guest</li>

<p>and not the opposite way.</p>

<p>I have already tried the following:</p>

<li>reinstall VBox guest additions (I have version 5.1.26).</li>
<li>run the commands</li>

<p><code>sudo killall VBoxClient

<li>added my user to vboxsf group</li>

<p>My Virtualbox version is 5.1.26 r117224 (Qt5.6.2)</p>

<p>Any suggestion is very much appreciated, thanks!</p>
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